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Shattered...(read description) by M-13Beta Shattered...(read description) by M-13Beta
I could feel the air leaving my lungs. Taking my breath with each struggle I posed against the rope about my wind pipe. My vision slowly going in and out of focus. The look of their smug smiles as they watched me writhe in a dance to welcome death to my side. I couldn't go out like this. I had finally gotten a break. A chance to become something other than a street urchin. A chance to be better than my family. How they broke apart and forced their son to bare the burden of being tossed about like a rag doll. My pleas for them to stop. To just get along. My naive words fell on deaf ears. It was far to late to bring them back..far to late to repair what was broken.

And now it was my turn to be to late. To have run my last run in this world. I struggled once more in a last ditch effort to escape. Wishing to the stars to grant me the strength to get out of this.

Though my silent wishes went unanswered as I felt the energy leave me. My hands feeling like lead as they slipped from the braided fabric around my neck. My vision blotted with spots of darkness as a sort of relief rolled up my spine. A warmth encircling me and whispering to keep calm. To let go and just be done. It was almost over...I am almost over. Just one last breath and...and....?

Wha-...what was that?...was death toying with me...or..or did I just hear someone burst in? Somehow pulling a small tidbit of energy from the abyss of my body, I opened my eyes....and opened them..and opened them...

And the sight I took in filled me with such shock that it rekindled a spark of life in me. In my last seconds I watched in horror as one of the larger thugs cried out in agony and fear as something was latched onto his back. Its teeth deep in his shoulder. His cohorts now in a tizzy as they jump to his side to pry the thing off. It hissed and clawed mindlessly at the males back. It felt as if I was dreaming. Or watching a bad horror movie come to life. They tossed the thing off and began beating it senseless. Kicking and punching with all their might.

My ears twitched again as my gaze turned a bit to the side and grew in horror if they could get any bigger. My hands finding the rope as I clawed at it more viciously as I saw more of..whatever that thing was from before enter the room through the broken door. The smell of what could only be describe as death. They grew closer as I saw what they were. And if the rope wasn't holding my breath back, I would have screamed. neighbors. The same people  I greeted happily so many mornings as I left to do my dark deeds to keep the living conditions I had. Their sweet smiles and voices now faded as I saw what they were now.

Decayed and flesh rotting seemed to be as accurate as it could get. Bone and muscle tissue visible through their darkened flesh. Mouths open with blood staining their bodies and hands. Claws protruding from their finger tips as they closed in. 

And it began. 

My claws finally ripped enough of the rope for me to fall to my back with a hefty thud. I coughed as sweet oxygen reentered my form. Filling me up and giving me strength back. I sat up as my vision cleared only to toss my feet up on instinct with a screech. One of the creatures had staggered over to me and tried throwing itself on me. Its jaws snapping at me as it reached to get a hold of me. I grunted and struggled before getting enough leverage to throw it off. I kicked back until my back hit the wall and clawed to my feet. Blood pumping into my heart, veins, and ears as I stood and caught a full view of what had become of my apartment. Blood and organs were across the floor. The rotting creatures on their knees over one of the fallen thugs. Their arms elbow deep in his entrails as they scooped out handfuls and devoured it. A sickening churn rocked me as I saw another struggling with what life he had left as another dug into his back. Shredding his bone and skin away to get to his juicy insides.

I wasn't believing this...this..this couldn't be real. No no no. This was just a dream. I was asleep. I had to be.

Things like this only happened in the darkest reaches of ones mind.

In my stupified state, I nearly missed the same one from before attempting again to get at me. I had no time to question insanity or reality further. My foot came up before I could stop it. Striking the thing in its chin with all the force my lithe and strong legs could muster. I felt the break on my foot. The feeling of jaw and neck snapping back as I kicked the damned thing off its feet. It fell back with a thud. I was panting. The sounds of bones snapping and bodily parts being eaten carved into my ear drums. My mind reeling. One moment staring death in his steely eyes. Now watching as a nightmarish world unfolds before me.

I could feel my common sense. My reason. My rational thinking all crumble as the thing I had kicked twitched and slowly rose back up. Its jaw and face distorted from my blow. Its vicious eyes stared into my own. 

It opened its mouth as best it could before hissing. 

I felt it...this was real...this was actually happening. I could die here....

I could die...





New life entered my body as I lunged forth. Not giving this thing another chance to try its hand at me. My foot stamped into its head down to the polished floor below. I heard a crack, but thought nothing of it this time. Get out. Thats all I could think of. I sped off. hurdling the dead bodies and creatures that ate on and taking off out the door. 

Down the hall.

Down the stairs.

Through the lobby, which was littered with random things and bloody stained walls. I dashed out into the moonlit street. Empty. Death seemed to take residence here. I had no idea what I had just seen. 

What I had just experienced, but I had to get away from it. I had to get as far as possible from this.

Taking off, I ran. No idea where, but away from here. Away from this nightmare. Away from this hell.

Not realizing...there was no escaping this...

The end of the world had come...

And even I cannot outrun this...
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